Jantine Zandbergen - Design & IllustrationJantine Zandbergen - Design & Illustration

Hi! My name is Jantine, I’m a designer & illustrator from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


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You can see more work & cases on the website of Haelsum, my design studio.

I’ve been working as a digital designer at various creative agencies for over ten years, creating thoughtful and clean online experiences for a broad range of international clients. My graphic design work ranges from book covers to brand identities, from social media icons to editorial illustrations. You can find more of my work on the website of my design studio, Haelsum.

When I’m not designing I like to do cliché designer stuff like visit museums 🖼, work on the aesthetic of my Instagram feed 📷 and drink oatmilk latté’s ☕. I got less designer-ey hobbies too: I love plants 🌿, like to travel 🏞, read books 📚, watch films 📽 and got a small obsession with Animal Crossing 🎮.
Oh and I love guinea pigs 🐹.

Jantine Zandbergen - Design & IllustrationJantine Zandbergen - Design & Illustration

Need some help, want to say ‘hi’ or want to be my friend in Animal Crossing?

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