Various illustrations

Lazy Sunday afternoons are best spent trying out new things in Adobe's Creative Cloud. I love vector line artwork, mandala’s and symbolism, and have recently been experimenting with this style.

Free work: Abyss

An illustration inspired by one of my favorite albums, 'Abyss' by the magnificent Chelsea Wolfe. The album deals with Wolfe's sleep paralysis, as do the crying eye and crescent moon in the artwork that accompanied the release. I made this dreamcatcher as a tribute to Chelsea's beautiful piece of art, inspired by her wonderful music and the darkness of the night.

Kokeshi Dolls
A set of cute Japanese Kokeshi dolls inspired by the four seasons. Had a lot of fun creating these!


Linework illustration inspired by the Menrva, the Etruscan goddess of war, art, wisdom, and medicine.

Color Mandala
Even after making a hundred mandala’s I still can’t get enough of them. To spice it up a little I’m currently experimenting with overlapping shapes and colors.

Free work: Mandala 2.0
Free work: Avocado Girl
Free work: Waves

Selected Works

The 100 Day ProjectIllustration

Strange the DreamerIllustration, Book cover

Various IllustrationsIllustration


Plant Based VitalityIllustration

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